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Mental Wellness

When most people think of mental wellness, being positive and  feeling happy, content, and motivated usually come to mind. When feelings of depression and anxiety creep in, people often seek out the advice of their doctor.

When symptoms of depression or anxiety are present, the standard approach from the medical community is typically to offer prescription medications and some other type of therapy or support such as talk therapy. While talk therapy can be helpful and medications may be necessary in the short term, these interventions often fall short in helping people achieve lasting relief from symptoms that they seek.  We need to start looking at the complete picture when it comes to mental health.

Sadly, conventional psychiatry does little in the way of considering all of the biological, psychological, social, spiritual, and lifestyle factors that impact mental health. Most psychiatrists aren’t trained to address common root causes of mental imbalances that can include gut health, nutritional deficiencies, and hormonal health, as well as toxins.  We can’t treat mental illness effectively until we follow a full body-mind-soul approach which including biological factors as well as untreated emotional trauma and mindset issues.

Our goal is to not only help you resolve mental health symptoms, but also teach you the science behind optimal mental wellness and how to implement it in your everyday life.

Here at the Mood Restoration Institute we focus on working with patients on all the areas that balance mental health including nutrition, detoxification, hormone balance, gut health, mindset, movement and exercise, as well as finding connection and community. We also empower you with the knowledge and coaching you need so you can implement healthy lifestyle changes that help you feel your best and have a purposeful life.

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