Heidi Christensen, CHC, Program Coordinator and Health Coach at Mood Restoration Institute

Heidi Christensen, CHC

Heidi realized a need for more personalized approaches to treating chronic disease after a myriad of personal health struggles, including being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2004. After experiencing significant side effects with traditional treatments of her MS and the continued progression of her disease, she began to seek integrative therapies.

Heidi discovered the power of food and lifestyle choices and the significant impact that these small changes made on her health.

Heidi solidified her interest in integrative treatments during her role as a TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) technician at Montana Psychiatry and program coordinator for the Center for Ideal Health. It was through working with patients with treatment-resistant depression and other health problems that she realized the profound effects of a more holistic approach to care. She began studying functional medicine in 2018 and she became a certified health coach in 2020. 

Heidi values patient success and optimizing outcomes. She is passionate about utilizing all aspects of a person’s lifestyle to achieve optimal wellness and loves coaching patients who are equally passionate about their health.

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