Meet Dr. Erin Amato - Functional Medicine Specialist in Billings

Dr. Erin Amato

Dr. Amato helps people find relief from depression and anxiety and achieve optimal mood and brain health through cutting-edge treatments and integrative medicine programs focused on mind, body, and lifestyle.  Her mission is to help people achieve their best mood, memory, and brain health through innovative and holistic tools beyond the prescription pad.

As a double board certified Pediatric and Adult Psychiatrist, Dr. Amato is trained in the most advanced approaches utilizing prescription medications for treating depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders.  She also practices integrative and functional psychiatry, which gives her an expanded toolbox of ways to help people achieve optimal mood and brain health.  Her specialization in innovative treatments has included the use of TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation), Ketamine and Esketamine, and functional medicine interventions to address treatment-resistant depression and mind, body, and lifestyle factors.

Her approach to diagnosing and treating mood and mental health disorders uses a comprehensive approach that addresses biological, psychological, social, and spiritual components . In addition to utilizing these treatments effectively, she also strives to teach patients that optimal mental health is dependent on:

  • Gut health and repair to optimize the gut-brain connection
  • Balanced hormones with attention to insulin, thyroid, adrenal, and sex hormones
  • Optimal weight and metabolic health, including healthy blood sugar
  • Healthy detoxification processes in the brain and body
  • Optimized sleep
  • Stress management to promote emotional and physiologic resilience
  • Healthy connections with friends, family, community, and medical practitioners

She is proud to bring her decades of medical knowledge to the Mood Restoration Institute. She is equally honored to be joined by the exciting and experienced team that she has trained to work alongside her.

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